All The Tools You Need To Successfully Perform Lash Lifts + Make Money!

Lash Lifts have been such a popular service in our studios and can be an MVP money maker because it takes less than an hour to do. I'm MJ founder of Malaya and I would love to show you how to rock lash lifts  like we do at our Studios. 

Yes, I'm in!



Are you a new lash artist just getting started?

Are you still in school and wondering if you can get a head start on anything? 

Maybe you have your license and you're looking for ways to utilize it so you can start your career?

 Are you trying to transition from letting go of your day job for your day dream?

Lash lifts are an easy way to start taking clients  and making lash artist money!

Are you a seasoned lash artist?

Are you already a licensed Esthetician and looking to keep learning new skills to offer to your clients? 

Do you have clients who are allergic to lashes and wish you had an alternative for them?

 Looking for more than just another class but also another service that can be done in a less than an hour to yield more profits?


Yes! That's me!

Dawn Herro

"I promise I’m not going to spam you with all my pics but I mean.....lash lift and tint (brows too but...) she LOVED IT. I also have 8 lash extension clients this week! Seriously thank you so much. You have helped my business more than you know ❤️ " 

Chelsea Riccomi

Received my certificate for the completion of my LashLift and tint course! I’m so glad I took this with MJ! She is a great teacher, mentor and friend. Thanks for getting me started MJ! You rock!"

Alyssa Shores

"one of the best decisions in my life was to take this class with MJ. This has opened so many doors for me and I'm so excited to offer Lash Lifts to all your beauties. I've enjoyed every second of everyday  being able to do what I love" -